Music Lessons

At Thompson's Music Studio students learn absolute perfect technique from the very beginning using the Suzuki Method. This is a Japanese Method developed in the 1940’s by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. It’s based on Japanese parenting, teaching, and learning principles. The teacher works together with the parents teaching the child music the same way they learn to speak. Dr. Suzuki developed this method using Mozart’s Twinkle variations to teach students mastery of the violin. He called it the “Mother Tongue” approach. Dr. Suzuki believed that if children learn to speak by listening to adults, they are capable of learning to play music the same way. Students learn the Suzuki Method while listening to recordings and modeling other students they observe.

“The aim of the Suzuki Method is to give students the experience of playing great music together or individually and becoming increasingly sensitive to all that is beautiful and art

Students may learn to play music as young as three years old. Parents using this method learn how to develop the whole child and not just the child’s ability to play an instrument. It’s a fun way to create an amazing bond between you and your child. Both parent and the child need to attend the lessons together. The teacher teaches both the parent and child, and the parent becomes the teacher at home. The parent learns right along with the child. As the teacher teaches the parent may observe and takes notes. This helps create excellent practices at home. Parents are asked not to speak to their child during the lesson because the child only needs one teacher at a time. Otherwise, a lesson may become overwhelming and a child may refuse to play.

Our philosophy is “Never hurt the heart of a child.” 

Suggested reading “Nurtured By Love,” by Dr. Suzuki


Suggested reading for parents. 

  • "Nurtured By Love," by Dr. Suzuki
  • "Ability Development From Age Zero," By Dr. Suzuki
  • "Helping Parents Practice," by Edmund Sprunger 

Group Lessons and Special Events


  • Fiddle Class
  • String Orchestra
  • Keyboard Class Adults

A Major Summer Music Camp

There are a lot of excellent guitar teachers and music schools out there; however, you want to make sure you pick one that is dedicated, passionate, and skilled. Drop by for a tour of the studio or to have chat with us.

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